We have accepted over time that there is nothing fresh that Pakistani dramas can offer in terms of storylines. The same toxic men at the centre of everything, the same love triangles, the same family politics. Then, though, viewers were treated to a drama that was so utterly maddening that you had to see how far it could go. And the toxic main character of Tere Bin, none other than Meerub, is at the heart of everything that is wrong with the story. You did read that correctly. The toxic person in the relationship is the female protagonist!




As usual, the drama began. A forceful marriage, an assertive male lead, and unrequited love. Murtasim did exhibit certain harmful behaviours for the most part, but we were reluctantly ready to overlook them because he also possessed some admirable attributes. Despite Meerub being everything he opposed, Murtasim eventually learned to value and accept his wife’s uniqueness. He has repeatedly stood by his wife despite her persistent disobedience and frequent cause of embarrassment. In the drama’s nearly 40 episodes, Murtasim has developed as a character.

Meerub embodies all that is incorrect about how women are portrayed. She takes action without even pausing to consider the consequences of her actions. Meerub’s condition has gotten progressively worse in recent episodes.