Sania Mirza Malik and Shoaib Malik are two of South Asia’s most well-known individuals. Both have a connection to sports. Sania Mirza was a tennis legend who recently retired, while Shoaib Malik began his career as a cricketer. When Shoaib Malik was unable to attend the celebration, her goodbye also became the topic of conversation. Everyone talked about them, and rumours of their divorce spread.

Sania Mirza's husband Shoaib Malik breaks his silence on divorce rumors

They are one of the most well-liked couples in both India and Pakistan, which has kept them in the public eye for a very long period. However, during her most recent celebration, Sania was seen with her child by herself while Shoaib was not there, which their followers noted and demanded an explanation for.

Considering each of these situations In a recent interview, Shoaib Malik made the decision to dispel the rumours. He said that we are not separating or having a falling-out. We are together; it’s just that sometimes she has a hectic schedule and sometimes I do. Shoaib continued in that Eid broadcast by stating that the hectic schedule had also harmed them. “My wife and son are away for Eid,” he continued. Malik stated, “I wish I could celebrate Eid with my wife and son.

Click on the link below to listen to Shoaib Malik’s other interview, in which he addresses the news of his divorce in an open manner and is the current all-rounder for the Pakistan cricket team.