Have you ever thought how well-liked girls would find Taimur, Kareena Kapoor’s son, when he is older? Thanks to Tapsee Pannu’s cross-examination, according to the Hindustan Times, we now know what Kareena might think when the time comes.

When speaking with Taapsee on her open radio programme What Women Want, Kareena covered a variety of topics before getting into a humorous segment where she gave her guest a variety of scenarios and gave her two options for how safe or unsafe each one was.

She then asked Tapsee if it would be safe or harmful if her son brought his girlfriend home; Taapsee responded by asking Kareena the same question. You can inform me of that. What would you think? Taapsee remarked, “I believe you are still closer to that moment, therefore you can assist me.

Kareena had to respond and, in classic Kareena form, made it frank and light-hearted. “I’m not sure. But I fit that description. I’m a Punjabi mother,” she responded when asked if she would serve parathas to greet Taimur’s girlfriend. However, she had more to say.

“No, that’s dangerous! I’ll say, “Mat aao yahaan pe!” (No, that’s really risky! Kareena said, “I’ll be like, ‘Don’t come here.

Kareena and her three-year-old are easily one of the most popular mother-son duos in the region, routinely encountering paparazzi, and needless to say, Taimur is easily the most popular toddler in India.