Aima Baig Recalls Getting a Date Request from a 72-Year-Old Man. Aima Baig, a pop diva, disclosed that a 72-year-old guy once invited her out on a date so he could cook her pineapple pancakes for breakfast. On Shahveer Jafry’s Honest Hour Podcast, the Yaarian singer made an appearance and discussed her professional trajectory. She related a ridiculous story from her past

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It turns out that when she was working at a call center as a teenager, she had a run-in with a persistent 72-year-old man who had an unusual request. According to Aima Baig, the man had called in to buy a cable connection and she had been tasked with making the sales pitch.

Beautiful Video of Aima Baig Singing Famous Song

Aima Baig Suddenly Deactivates Her Instagram Account

Aima Baig Suddenly Deactivates Her Instagram Account. The bold and fierce pop star of Pakistan’s Music industry, Aima Baig recently deactivated her Instagram account for some unknown reasons. Previously, she shared some of her pictures with her family from Dubai in a cool floral bandeau and leather shorts and gained the attention of her fans and followers and now they are curious why she suddenly deactivated her account.


Aima Baig Suddenly Deactivates Her Instagram Account